Lịch kinh tế từ ngày 25/01/2021 đến ngày 31/01/2021

25 – 31 Jan, 2021
25 January, Monday
12:00SGDCPI y/y0.0%-0.3%-0.1%
15:45EURECB President Lagarde Speech
16:30EURIfo Business Expectations91.192.193.0
16:30EURIfo Current Business Situation89.290.791.3
16:30EURIfo Business Climate90.191.392.2
17:45EURBbk Executive Board Member Mauderer Speech
17:45EURECB Executive Board Member Panetta Speech
18:30BRLBCB Focus Market Report
19:00MXNEconomic Activity m/m0.9%-0.8%1.6%
19:00MXNEconomic Activity n.s.a. y/y-3.9%-5.3%-5.3%
20:30USDChicago Fed National Activity Index0.520.560.31
20:45EURECB Executive Board Member Lane Speech
20:55EUR3-Month BTF Auction-0.624%-0.625%
20:55EUR6-Month BTF Auction-0.624%-0.621%
20:55EUR12-Month BTF Auction-0.621%-0.614%
21:45EURBbk President Weidmann Speech
22:30USDDallas Fed Manufacturing Index7.0-5.910.5
23:00EURECB President Lagarde Speech
23:30USD3-Month Bill Auction0.080%0.085%
23:30USD6-Month Bill Auction0.085%0.095%
26 January, Tuesday
All dayINRRepublic Day
All dayAUDAustralia Day
00:00GBPBoE Governor Bailey Speech
01:00USD2-Year Note Auction0.125%0.137%
04:30NZDBusinessNZ Services Index49.246.7
06:00KRWGDP q/q1.1%0.2%2.1%
06:00KRWGDP y/y-1.4%-2.5%-1.1%
06:50JPYBoJ Corporate Services Price Index y/y-0.4%-1.3%-0.5%
06:50JPYBoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
09:00NZDRBNZ Credit Card Spending y/yN/D-8.9%-5.6%
12:00JPYBoJ Trimmed Mean Core CPI y/y-0.3%-0.1%-0.1%
12:00JPYBoJ Weighted Median Core CPI y/y0.0%0.1%0.1%
12:00SGDIndustrial Production m/m2.4%-1.1%7.5%
12:00SGDIndustrial Production y/y14.3%12.6%18.7%
14:00GBPAverage Weekly Earnings, Regular Pay y/y3.6%3.3%2.8%
14:00GBPAverage Weekly Earnings, Total Pay y/y3.6%3.0%2.8%
14:00GBPUnemployment Rate5.0%5.1%4.9%
14:00GBPClaimant Count Change7.0 K150.3 K38.1 K
14:00GBPEmployment Change 3-months-88 K42 K-143 K
15:00EURPPI y/y-2.8%-2.8%
15:30HKDExports y/y2.2%5.6%
15:30HKDImports y/y1.4%5.1%
15:30HKDTrade BalanceHK$-14.153 BHK$-25.609 B
15:30SEKPPI m/m-0.1%0.2%
15:30SEKPPI y/y-5.4%-4.4%
15:30EURECB Supervisory Board Member Fernandez-Bollo Speech
17:30 (tent.)EUR2-Year CTZ Auction-0.369%
17:30 (tent.)GBP30-Year Treasury Gilt Auction0.842%
18:00BRLBCB MPC (Copom) Minutes
18:00BRLFGV Consumer Confidence79.578.5
19:00BRLMid-Month CPI m/m0.39%1.06%
19:00BRLMid-Month CPI y/y3.47%4.23%
19:00MXNRetail Sales m/m-2.8%-1.4%
19:00MXNRetail Sales n.s.a. y/y-7.2%-7.1%
21:00USDHPI m/m1.4%1.5%
21:00USDHPI y/y10.7%10.2%
21:00USDS&P/CS HPI Composite-20 y/y8.4%7.9%
21:00USDS&P/CS HPI Composite-20 n.s.a. m/m1.4%1.3%
21:00USDS&P/CS HPI Composite-20 s.a. m/m1.8%1.6%
22:00USDCB Consumer Confidence Index92.188.6
22:00USDRichmond Fed Manufacturing Index1719
22:00USDRichmond Fed Manufacturing Shipments12
22:00USDRichmond Fed Services Revenues2-9
22:30USDDallas Fed Services Revenues1.74.2
22:30USDDallas Fed Services Business Activity-3.3-4.3
27 January, Wednesday
01:00USD52-Week Bill Auction0.110%
01:00USD5-Year Note Auction0.394%
04:00KRWConsumer Confidence93.689.8
07:30AUDCPI q/q1.3%1.6%
07:30AUDCPI y/y0.2%0.7%
07:30AUDRBA Weighted Median CPI q/q0.3%0.3%
07:30AUDRBA Weighted Median CPI y/y1.5%1.3%
07:30AUDRBA Trimmed Mean CPI q/q0.3%0.4%
07:30AUDRBA Trimmed Mean CPI y/y1.3%1.2%
07:30AUDNAB Business Confidence812
07:30AUDNAB Business Conditions139
08:30CNYIndustrial Profit y/y9.3%15.5%
08:30CNYIndustrial Profit YTD y/y2.4%
12:00JPYCoincident Index89.189.1
12:00JPYLeading Index96.696.6
12:00JPYCoincident Index m/m-0.3%
12:00JPYLeading Index m/m2.3%
14:00EURGfK Consumer Climate-7.0-7.3
14:00GBPNationwide HPI m/m0.5%0.8%
14:00GBPNationwide HPI y/y7.0%7.3%
14:45EURConsumer Confidence Index9495
15:30SEKGoods Trade BalanceKr3.0 BKr1.4 B
16:00EURTrade Balance Non-EU€6.677 B
16:00CHFCredit Suisse Economic Expectations37.946.8
17:30 (tent.)EUR10-Year Bond Auction-0.52%
17:30 (tent.)INRRBI M3 Money Supply y/y12.5%12.5%
17:30 (tent.)EUR6-Month BOT Auction-0.519%
18:00EURJobseekers Total3574.7 K3586.3 K
19:30BRLCurrent Account$-2.633 B$0.202 B
19:30BRLForeign Direct Investment$0.588 B$1.514 B
20:30USDDurable Goods Orders m/m0.5%0.9%
20:30USDCore Durable Goods Orders m/m0.5%0.4%
20:30USDDurable Goods Orders excl. Defense m/m-0.5%0.7%
20:30USDNondefense Capital Goods Orders excl. Aircraft m/m-0.1%0.4%
20:30USDNondefense Capital Goods Shipments excl. Aircraft m/m-0.1%0.5%
22:00EURECB Executive Board Member Lane Speech
22:30USDEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change0.564 M4.352 M
22:30USDEIA Cushing Crude Oil Stocks Change-3.413 M-4.727 M
22:30USDEIA Crude Oil Imports Change0.085 M0.566 M
22:30USDEIA Distillate Fuel Production Change-0.004 M-0.132 M
22:30USDEIA Distillates Stocks Change-0.873 M0.457 M
22:30USDEIA Gasoline Production Change0.384 M1.373 M
22:30USDEIA Heating Oil Stocks Change-0.038 M0.391 M
22:30USDEIA Gasoline Stocks Change-1.957 M-0.259 M
22:30USDEIA Refinery Crude Oil Daily Inputs Change0.110 M
22:30USDEIA Refinery Utilization Rate Change0.5%
28 January, Thursday
All dayBRLBCB National Monetary Council Meeting
00:30BRLForeign Exchange Flows$5.068 B$2.914 B
02:00USDFOMC Statement
02:00USDFed Interest Rate Decision0.25%
02:30USDFOMC Press Conference
04:00KRWBOK Manufacturing BSI7578
04:45NZDExports$5.205 B
04:45NZDImports$4.953 B
04:45NZDTrade Balance$0.641 B$0.252 B
04:45NZDTrade Balance 12-Months$3.917 B$3.259 B
06:50JPYRetail Sales m/m-0.6%-2.0%
06:50JPYRetail Sales y/y7.1%0.7%
06:50JPYLarge Retailer’s Sales y/y-7.4%-3.4%
06:50JPYForeign Bond Investment¥272.4 B
06:50JPYForeign Investment in Japan Stocks¥169.9 B
07:30AUDExport Price Index q/q-1.3%-5.1%
07:30AUDImport Price Index q/q-2.4%-3.5%
09:30SGDUnemployment Rate3.9%3.6%
14:00NOKUnemployment Rate5.1%5.2%
14:00NOKHousehold Consumption m/m1.5%
14:00NOKHousehold Consumption y/y6.8%
14:00NOKRetail Sales m/m-0.2%2.9%
14:00NOKRetail Sales y/y14.6%13.8%
14:00CHFExports₣20.901 B
14:00CHFImports₣16.443 B
14:00CHFTrade Balance₣3.626 B₣4.458 B
15:00EURUnemployment Rate16.98%16.26%
15:00SEKBusiness Confidence93.492.6
15:00SEKManufacturing Confidence108.8106.9
15:00SEKConsumer Confidence97.692.3
15:00SEKInflation Expectations3.5%3.7%
15:00SEKEconomic Tendency Indicator96.495.6
15:00EURECB Supervisory Board Chair Enria Speech6.8%7.7%
15:30SEKUnemployment Rate
15:30SEKRetail Sales m/m0.1%0.8%
15:30SEKRetail Sales y/y5.4%5.7%
16:00EURBusiness Confidence93.095.9
16:00EURConsumer Confidence100.2102.4
16:30ZARPPI m/m0.1%0.0%
16:30ZARPPI y/y2.2%3.0%
17:00EURBusiness Climate Indicator-0.52-0.41
17:00EURIndustrial Confidence Indicator-8.7-7.2
17:00EURServices Sentiment Indicator-17.6-17.4
17:00EUREconomic Sentiment Indicator88.890.4
17:00EURConsumer Confidence Index-15.5-15.5
17:00EURConsumer Price Expectations19.114.8
17:00EURIndustry Selling Price Expectations8.94.1
17:30 (tent.)EUR5-Year BTP Auction0.01%
17:30 (tent.)EUR10-Year BTP Auction0.59%
18:00BRLFGV IGP-M Inflation Index m/m1.62%0.96%
19:00BRLUnemployment Rate 3-months13.9%14.3%
19:00MXNTrade Balance n.s.a.$4.284 B$3.033 B
19:00MXNTrade Balance$6.951 B$3.752 B
19:30BRLBCB Bank Lending m/m2.3%2.0%
20:00EURCPI m/m-0.3%0.5%
20:00EURCPI y/y-0.3%-0.3%
20:00EURHICP m/m-0.3%0.6%
20:00EURHICP y/y-0.7%-0.7%
20:30CADBuilding Permits m/m-1.4%12.9%
20:30USDGDP q/q25.8%33.4%
20:30USDGDP Price Index q/q1.9%3.5%
20:30USDCore PCE Price Index q/q2.1%3.4%
20:30USDPCE Price Index q/q1.8%3.7%
20:30USDReal PCE q/q51.5%41.0%
20:30USDGDP Sales q/q33.9%25.9%
20:30USDWholesale Inventories m/m-0.4%0.0%
20:30USDGoods Trade Balance$-83.502 B$-84.820 B
20:30USDRetail Inventories m/m0.7%0.7%
20:30USDRetail Inventories excl. Autos m/m0.2%
20:30USDInitial Jobless Claims935 K900 K
20:30USDContinuing Jobless Claims5.172 M5.054 M
20:30USDInitial Jobless Claims 4-Week Average843.100 K848.000 K
22:00EURBbk Executive Board Member Wuermeling Speech
22:00USDNew Home Sales0.793 M0.841 M
22:00USDNew Home Sales m/m-1.1%-11.0%
22:00USDCB Leading Economic Index m/m-0.1%0.6%
22:30USDEIA Natural Gas Storage Change-166 B-187 B
23:00USDKansas City Fed Manufacturing Composite Index1314
23:00USDKansas City Fed Manufacturing Production1612
23:30USD4-Week Bill Auction0.070%
23:30USD8-Week Bill Auction0.080%
29 January, Friday
00:15EURECB Executive Board Member Schnabel Speech
01:00USD7-Year Note Auction0.662%
06:00KRWIndustrial Production m/m5.3%0.3%
06:00KRWIndustrial Production y/y-0.1%0.5%
06:00KRWRetail Sales m/m-0.5%-0.9%
06:00KRWIndex of Services m/m0.6%0.7%
06:30JPYTokyo CPI y/y-1.2%-1.3%
06:30JPYTokyo CPI excl. Food and Energy y/y-0.3%-0.4%
06:30JPYTokyo Core CPI y/y-0.8%-0.9%
06:30JPYUnemployment Rate2.9%2.9%
06:30JPYTokyo CPI s.a. m/m-0.4%
06:30JPYJobs to Applicants Ratio01.0501.06
06:50JPYIndustrial Production m/m-0.2%-0.5%
06:50JPYIndustrial Production y/y-3.5%-3.9%
06:50JPYIndustrial Production Forecast 1-month Ahead m/m-1.1%
06:50JPYIndustrial Production Forecast 2-month Ahead m/m7.1%
06:50JPYBoJ Summary of Opinions
07:30AUDPPI q/q0.1%0.4%
07:30AUDPPI y/y-0.7%-0.4%
07:30AUDRBA Housing Credit m/m0.3%
07:30AUDRBA Private Sector Credit m/m0.2%0.1%
09:00SGDBank LoansS$675.003 BS$676.669 B
12:00JPYConsumer Confidence Index32.631.8
12:00JPYConstruction Orders y/y-3.1%-4.7%
12:00JPYHousing Starts y/y-5.1%-3.7%
12:00JPYAnnualized Housing Starts0.820 M
12:00SGDManufacturing Business Expectations-15.5-3.0
13:00ZARSARB Private Sector Credit y/y3.89%3.38%
13:00ZARSARB M3 Money Supply y/y8.29%8.18%
13:30EURGDP q/q18.4%18.7%
13:30EURGDP y/y4.6%-3.9%
13:30EURConsumer Spending m/m0.6%-18.9%
14:00EURImport Price Index m/m-0.5%0.5%
14:00EURImport Price Index y/y-3.7%-3.8%
14:00EURExport Price Index m/m-0.1%0.4%
14:00EURExport Price Index y/y-0.6%-0.6%
14:00EURGDP q/q11.2%8.5%
14:00EURGDP y/y-4.0%-3.9%
14:00NOKGeneral Public Domestic Loan Debt y/y4.6%4.7%
14:45EURPPI m/m0.7%1.7%
15:00EURCPI m/m-0.3%0.2%
15:00EURCPI y/y-0.5%-0.5%
15:00EURHICP m/m-0.7%0.2%
15:00EURHICP y/y-0.5%-0.6%
15:00EURGDP q/q20.9%16.4%
15:00EURGDP y/y-13.1%-9.0%
15:00EURRetail Sales y/y-3.5%-4.3%
15:00CHFKOF Economic Barometer88.8104.3
15:30HKDHKMA M3 Money Supply y/y1.7%6.5%
15:30HKDGDP q/q1.0%2.8%
15:30HKDGDP y/y-7.3%-3.5%
15:30SEKHouseholds Loans y/y5.3%5.3%
15:30SEKNon-Financial Corporations Loans y/y3.5%
15:30SEKM3 Money Supply y/y15.4%
15:55EURUnemployment Change16 K-37 K
15:55EURUnemployment Rate6.4%6.1%
15:55EURUnemployment n.s.a.2.600 M2.707 M
15:55EURUnemployment2.743 M2.776 M
16:00EURPPI m/m-0.2%-0.2%
16:00EURPPI y/y-1.9%-2.3%
16:00NOKNorges Bank Foreign Exchange Daily PurchaseKr-0.655 BKr-0.800 B
16:00NOKNAV Unemployment Rate n.s.a.3.9%3.8%
16:00NOKNAV Unemployment Change127.294 K124.320 K
16:00EURCurrent Account€1.439 B€1.290 B
16:00EURECB M3 Money Supply y/y11.4%11.0%
16:00EURECB Households Loans y/y3.1%3.1%
16:00EURECB Non-Financial Corporations Loans y/y7.1%6.9%
16:00EURECB Private Sector Loans y/y4.8%4.7%
16:30EURECB Supervisory Board Member McCaul Speech₹-10.755 T
17:00 (tent.)INRFiscal Balance
18:30INRInfrastructure Output y/y-10.7%-2.6%
18:30 (tent.)INRBank Loan Growth y/y6.3%6.7%
18:30 (tent.)INRDeposit Growth y/y11.4%11.5%
18:30 (tent.)INRForeign Exchange Reserves$587.491 B$584.242 B
18:30INRRBI Monetary and Credit Information Review2.90%1.39%
19:00BRLPPI m/m18.14%19.69%
19:00BRLPPI y/y
19:00INRAnnual GDP y/y4.2%
19:00MXNGDP q/q13.8%12.1%
19:00MXNGDP n.s.a. y/y-14.1%-8.6%
19:00ZARTrade BalanceR58.017 BR36.718 B
19:30BRLNominal Budget BalanceR$-59.738 BR$-20.123 B
19:30BRLPrimary Budget balanceR$-61.510 BR$-18.140 B
19:30BRLNet Debt – GDP Ratio61.7%61.4%
20:30CADGDP m/m-0.9%0.4%
20:30CADIPPI m/m0.3%-0.6%
20:30CADIPPI y/y-1.7%0.0%
20:30CADRMPI m/m0.0%0.6%
20:30CADRMPI y/y-6.2%-1.7%
20:30CADGDP y/y-3.7%-3.5%
20:30USDCore PCE Price Index m/m0.1%0.0%
20:30USDCore PCE Price Index y/y1.4%1.4%
20:30USDPCE Price Index m/m-0.1%0.0%
20:30USDPCE Price Index y/y0.9%1.1%
20:30USDPersonal Spending m/m0.3%-0.4%
20:30USDPersonal Income m/m-0.7%-1.1%
20:30USDReal PCE m/m0.3%-0.4%
20:30USDEmployment Cost Index q/q0.7%0.5%
20:30USDEmployment Benefits q/q0.6%0.6%
20:30USDEmployment Wages q/q0.6%0.4%
21:45USDMNI Chicago Business Barometer59.059.5
22:00 (tent.)USDDallas Fed Trimmed Mean PCE Inflation Rate1.0%0.5%
22:00USDPending Home Sales m/m-2.3%-2.6%
22:00USDPending Home Sales y/y18.4%16.4%
22:00USDPending Home Sales Index125.7
22:00USDMichigan Consumer Sentiment79.279.2
22:00USDMichigan Consumer Expectations73.873.8
22:00USDMichigan Current Conditions87.787.7
22:00USDMichigan Inflation Expectations3.0%3.0%
22:00USDMichigan 5-Year Inflation Expectations2.7%2.7%
23:00CADBudget Balance$-28.665 B$-18.506 B
23:00CADBudget Balance, Fiscal Year$-213.246 B$-216.616 B
30 January, Saturday
01:00USDBaker Hughes US Oil Rig Count289
01:00USDBaker Hughes US Total Rig Count378
03:30AUDCFTC AUD Non-Commercial Net Positions4.9 K
03:30BRLCFTC BRL Non-Commercial Net Positions-7.1 K
03:30CADCFTC CAD Non-Commercial Net Positions10.3 K
03:30JPYCFTC JPY Non-Commercial Net Positions50.0 K
3:30 (tent.)MXNFiscal BalanceMex$-151.105 BMex$-71.949 B
03:30MXNCFTC MXN Non-Commercial Net Positions-7.7 K
03:30NZDCFTC NZD Non-Commercial Net Positions16.0 K
03:30ZARCFTC ZAR Non-Commercial Net Positions5.3 K
03:30CHFCFTC CHF Non-Commercial Net Positions9.4 K
03:30GBPCFTC GBP Non-Commercial Net Positions13.7 K
03:30USDCFTC Copper Non-Commercial Net Positions68.1 K
03:30USDCFTC Silver Non-Commercial Net Positions52.0 K
03:30USDCFTC Gold Non-Commercial Net Positions246.6 K
03:30USDCFTC Crude Oil Non-Commercial Net Positions508.6 K
03:30USDCFTC S&P 500 Non-Commercial Net Positions-1.9 K
03:30USDCFTC Aluminium Non-Commercial Net Positions3.1 K
03:30USDCFTC Corn Non-Commercial Net Positions528.7 K
03:30USDCFTC Natural Gas Non-Commercial Net Positions14.0 K
03:30USDCFTC Soybeans Non-Commercial Net Positions226.7 K
03:30USDCFTC Wheat Non-Commercial Net Positions39.0 K
03:30USDCFTC Nasdaq 100 Non-Commercial Net Positions31.6 K
03:30EURCFTC EUR Non-Commercial Net Positions163.5 K
31 January, Sunday
08:00CNYManufacturing PMI49.451.9
08:00CNYNon-Manufacturing PMI52.655.7
08:00CNYComposite PMI55.1