Lịch kinh tế từ ngày 01/03/2021 đến ngày 07/03/2021

01- 07 Mar, 2021     
1 March, Monday
All dayKRWIndependence Movement Day   
04:30AUDAIG Manufacturing Index58.8 55.3
05:00AUDCommonwealth Bank Manufacturing PMI56.956.656.6
07:00KRWExports y/y9.5%7.7%11.4%
07:00KRWImports y/y13.9%1.8%3.6%
07:00KRWTrade Balance$2.707 B$3.283 B$3.760 B
07:30AUDHome Loans m/m12.3%0.4%7.1%
07:30AUDInvestment Housing Loans m/m9.4% 8.2%
07:30AUDBusiness Inventories q/q0.0%-1.0%-0.3%
07:30AUDCompany Gross Operating Profits q/q-6.6%-1.0%3.2%
07:30AUDCompany Profits Before Income Tax q/q2.4% 23.6%
07:30AUDANZ Job Advertisements m/m7.2%-1.9%2.6%
07:30JPYMarkit Manufacturing PMI51.450.650.6
08:45CNYCaixin Manufacturing PMI50.952.251.5
12:00INRMarkit Manufacturing PMI57.557.157.7
12:30AUDRBA Index of Commodity Prices y/y23.9%25.5%19.5%
14:00NOKHousehold Consumption m/m-1.3% -1.6%
14:00NOKHousehold Consumption y/y7.7% 13.4%
14:00NOKRetail Sales m/m-0.1%-1.8%-5.7%
14:00NOKRetail Sales y/y8.2%11.4%8.0%
14:30SEKSilf/Swedbank Manufacturing PMI61.668.862.5
14:30CHFRetail Sales y/y-0.5%-0.4%5.4%
15:00EURNew Car Registrations m/m5.0% -32.2%
15:00EURNew Car Registrations y/y-20.9% -5.8%
15:15EURMarkit Manufacturing PMI52.946.249.3
15:30CHFprocure.ch Manufacturing PMI61.358.759.4
15:45EURMarkit Manufacturing PMI56.954.055.1
15:50EURMarkit Manufacturing PMI56.155.055.0
15:55EURMarkit Manufacturing PMI60.760.660.6
16:00NOKDNB/NIMA Manufacturing PMI56.151.852.5
16:00ZARAbsa Manufacturing PMI53.045.750.9
16:00EURMarkit Manufacturing PMI57.957.757.7
16:30GBPBoE Consumer Credit m/m£-2.392 B£-1.443 B£-0.870 B
16:30GBPBoE M4 Money Supply m/m0.7%1.0%0.6%
16:30GBPBoE Mortgage Approvals98.994 K104.053 K102.809 K
16:30GBPBoE Mortgage Lending m/m£5.165 B£5.768 B£5.336 B
16:30GBPBoE Net Lending to Individuals m/m£2.773 B£4.297 B£4.466 B
16:30GBPMarkit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI55.154.954.9
17:00EURCPI m/m0.1%0.4%0.7%
17:00EURCPI y/y0.6%0.6%0.4%
17:00EURHICP m/m-0.2%-1.0%-0.9%
17:00EURHICP y/y1.0%0.6%0.7%
18:00ZARTotal New Vehicle Sales37.521 K 34.649 K
18:00ZARTotal New Vehicle Sales m/m8.3% -6.6%
18:00ZARTotal New Vehicle Sales y/y-13.3%-32.2%-13.9%
18:30BRLBCB Focus Market Report   
20:00BRLMarkit Manufacturing PMI58.464.556.5
20:00EURCPI m/m0.7%0.4%0.8%
20:00EURCPI y/y1.3%1.0%1.0%
20:00EURHICP m/m0.6%0.5%1.4%
20:00EURHICP y/y1.6%1.6%1.6%
20:30CADCurrent Account$-7.261 B$-7.502 B$-10.493 B
20:58EUR3-Month BTF Auction-0.606% -0.617%
20:58EUR6-Month BTF Auction-0.603% -0.616%
20:58EUR12-Month BTF Auction-0.590% -0.614%
21:00USDFOMC Member Williams Speech   
21:05USDFed Governor Brainard Speech   
21:30CADMarkit Manufacturing PMI54.856.254.4
21:45USDMarkit Manufacturing PMI58.658.558.5
22:00USDConstruction Spending m/m1.7%1.0%1.1%
22:00USDISM Manufacturing PMI60.859.858.7
22:00USDISM Manufacturing Prices Paid86.088.382.1
22:00USDISM Manufacturing Employment54.452.052.6
22:00USDISM Manufacturing New Orders64.864.561.1
22:20EURBbk Vice President Buch Speech   
22:20EURECB Vice President de Guindos Speech   
22:30MXNMarkit Manufacturing PMI44.242.643.0
23:10EURECB President Lagarde Speech   
23:30USD3-Month Bill Auction0.040% 0.030%
23:30USD6-Month Bill Auction0.060% 0.045%
2 March, Tuesday
00:00EURNew Car Registrations m/m6.7% 12.2%
00:00EURNew Car Registrations y/y-12.3% -14.0%
01:00BRLTrade Balance$1.152 B$-0.576 B$-1.125 B
04:45NZDExport Price Index q/q-0.4%-3.6%-8.3%
04:45NZDImport Price Index q/q-1.7%-1.7%-3.7%
04:45NZDTerms of Trade Index q/q1.3%-0.7%-4.7%
04:45NZDExport Volume Index q/q3.3%0.3%6.0%
04:45NZDImport Volume Index q/q6.5%8.1%6.8%
06:00KRWIndustrial Production m/m-1.6%-1.3%2.7%
06:00KRWIndustrial Production y/y7.5%1.4%2.5%
06:00KRWRetail Sales m/m1.6%3.6%0.1%
06:00KRWIndex of Services m/m-0.2%0.1%-1.1%
06:30JPYUnemployment Rate2.9%2.8%3.0%
06:30JPYJobs to Applicants Ratio1.1001.0501.06
06:50JPYBoJ Monetary Base y/y19.6%20.1%18.9%
06:50JPYCapital Spending y/y-4.8%-4.0%-10.6%
07:30AUDBuilding Approvals m/m-19.4%-2.7%12.0%
07:30AUDPrivate House Approvals m/m-12.2% 17.1%
07:30AUDCurrent Account$14.523 B$-1.218 B$10.706 B
07:30AUDNet Exports Contribution-0.1%-1.4%-2.0%
07:30KRWMarkit Manufacturing PMI55.352.253.2
10:30AUDRBA Rate Statement   
10:30AUDRBA Interest Rate Decision0.10% 0.10%
10:35JPY10-Year JGB Auction0.131% 0.053%
14:00EURRetail Sales m/m-4.5%-3.4%-9.1%
14:00EURRetail Sales y/y-8.7%3.3%2.8%
14:00GBPNationwide HPI m/m0.7%0.4%-0.2%
14:00GBPNationwide HPI y/y6.9%4.6%6.4%
15:00BRLFIPE CPI m/m0.23%0.52%0.86%
15:00EURUnemployment Change44.436 K-59.797 K76.216 K
15:55EURUnemployment Change9 K9 K-37 K
15:55EURUnemployment Rate6.0%6.4%6.0%
15:55EURUnemployment n.s.a.2.904 M3.138 M2.901 M
15:55EURUnemployment2.752 M2.965 M2.743 M
17:00EURCore CPI m/m0.1%-0.1%-0.5%
17:00EURCPI m/m0.2%-0.1%0.2%
17:00EURCore CPI y/y1.1%1.4%1.4%
17:00EURCPI y/y0.9%1.3%0.9%
17:00EURCPI excl. Energy and Unprocessed Food m/m0.1%-0.2%-0.3%
17:00EURCPI excl. Energy and Unprocessed Food y/y1.2%1.7%1.4%
17:00EURCPI105.54 105.32
17:00EURCore CPI104.45 104.36
17:06EUR6-Month Letras Auction-0.524% -0.551%
17:06EUR12-Month Letras Auction-0.506% -0.524%
18:39GBP5-Year Treasury Gilt Auction0.454% 0.039%
19:00BRLPPI m/m3.36%2.47%0.39%
19:00BRLPPI y/y22.96%18.96%19.38%
20:00SGDSIPMM PMI50.550.950.7
20:30CADGDP m/m0.1%-0.3%0.8%
20:30CADGDP q/q2.3%8.3%8.9%
20:30CADGDP Implicit Price Index q/q1.1%1.4%2.4%
20:30CADGDP y/y-3.0%-3.2%-2.8%
20:30CADGDP Annualized q/q9.6%38.0%40.6%
20:40EURECB Executive Board Member Panetta Speech   
21:00EURECB Supervisory Board Member McCaul Speech   
21:45USDISM-NY Business Conditions Index810.9822.0818.2
21:45USDISM-NY Current Business Conditions35.544.151.2
22:09NZDGDT Price Index15.0%1.3%3.0%
3 March, Wednesday
01:00USDFed Governor Brainard Speech   
04:30AUDAIG Construction Index57.4 57.6
04:45NZDBuilding Consents m/m2.1%2.0%5.1%
05:00AUDCommonwealth Bank Services PMI53.454.154.1
05:00AUDCommonwealth Bank Composite PMI53.7 54.4
05:00MXNFiscal BalanceMex$-7.957 BMex$-157.289 BMex$-274.824 B
07:00NZDANZ Commodity Price Index m/m3.3%2.1%4.3%
07:30AUDGDP q/q3.1%4.1%3.4%
07:30AUDGDP y/y-1.1%-4.3%-3.7%
07:30AUDGross Fixed Capital Formation q/q3.6%-0.3%0.5%
07:30AUDGDP Chain Price Index q/q1.7%0.2%-0.1%
07:30AUDFinal Consumption Expenditure q/q3.2%5.5%5.9%
07:30AUDRBA Chart Pack50.245.647.8
07:30HKDMarkit PMI   
07:30JPYMarkit Services PMI46.345.845.8
07:30JPYMarkit Composite PMI48.2 47.6
07:30SGDMarkit PMI54.9 52.9
08:30JPYBoJ Board Member Kataoka Speech   
08:45CNYCaixin Services PMI51.554.152.0
08:45CNYCaixin Composite PMI51.7 52.2
12:00INRMarkit Services PMI55.352.652.8
12:00INRMarkit Composite PMI57.3 55.8
14:00NOKCurrent AccountKr9.277 BKr41.154 BKr14.176 B
14:15ZARMarkit PMI50.250.550.8
14:30SEKSilf/Swedbank Services PMI62.758.059.6
14:30SEKSilf/Swedbank Composite PMI62.4 60.4
14:30CHFCPI m/m0.2%0.2%0.1%
14:30CHFCPI y/y-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%
14:45EURGovernment Budget Balance€-21.9 B €-176.8 B
15:15EURMarkit Services PMI45.144.841.7
15:15EURMarkit Composite PMI45.1 43.2
15:30HKDRetail Sales y/y-13.6%-8.4%-13.3%
15:45EURMarkit Services PMI48.842.144.7
15:45EURMarkit Composite PMI51.4 47.2
15:50EURMarkit Services PMI45.643.643.6
15:50EURMarkit Composite PMI47.045.245.2
15:55EURMarkit Services PMI45.745.945.9
15:55EURMarkit Composite PMI51.151.351.3
16:00EURGDP q/q-1.9%-2.0%-2.0%
16:00EURGDP y/y-6.6%-6.6%-6.6%
16:00EURMarkit Services PMI45.744.744.7
16:00EURMarkit Composite PMI48.848.148.1
16:30GBPMarkit/CIPS Services PMI49.549.749.7
16:30GBPMarkit/CIPS Composite PMI49.6 49.8
17:00EURBbk President Weidmann Speech   
17:00NOKHPI y/y9.7%8.8%8.6%
17:00NOKHPI n.s.a. m/m2.0% 3.2%
17:00NOKHPI s.a. m/m1.3% 0.9%
17:00EURPPI m/m1.4%0.6%0.9%
17:00EURPPI y/y0.0%-1.1%-1.1%
18:13EURNew Car Registrations m/m14.5% -45.5%
18:13EURNew Car Registrations y/y-19.0% -31.1%
19:00BRLGDP q/q3.2%7.0%7.7%
19:00BRLGDP y/y-1.1%-2.6%-3.9%
19:00GBPAnnual Budget   
20:00BRLMarkit Services PMI47.137.747.0
20:00BRLMarkit Composite PMI49.641.548.9
20:00EURECB Executive Board Member Panetta Speech   
20:15USDADP Nonfarm Employment Change117 K-465 K195 K
20:30CADBuilding Permits m/m8.2%3.0%-4.4%
21:45USDMarkit Services PMI59.858.958.9
21:45USDMarkit Composite PMI59.558.858.8
22:00USDISM Non-Manufacturing PMI55.355.358.7
22:00USDISM Non-Manufacturing Employment52.751.755.2
22:00USDISM Non-Manufacturing New Orders51.955.461.8
22:00USDISM Non-Manufacturing Prices Paid71.864.764.2
22:00USDISM Non-Manufacturing Business Activity55.555.959.9
22:00EURECB Vice President de Guindos Speech   
22:30USDEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change21.563 M-2.986 M1.285 M
22:30USDEIA Cushing Crude Oil Stocks Change0.485 M1.323 M2.807 M
22:30USDEIA Crude Oil Imports Change1.656 M-0.384 M0.249 M
22:30USDEIA Distillate Fuel Production Change-0.723 M-0.669 M-0.953 M
22:30USDEIA Distillates Stocks Change-9.719 M-5.674 M-4.969 M
22:30USDEIA Gasoline Production Change0.565 M-0.234 M-1.295 M
22:30USDEIA Heating Oil Stocks Change-1.123 M-0.027 M0.093 M
22:30USDEIA Gasoline Stocks Change-13.624 M-5.118 M0.012 M
22:30USDEIA Refinery Crude Oil Daily Inputs Change-2.327 M -2.589 M
22:30USDEIA Refinery Utilization Rate Change-12.6% -14.5%
23:00GBPBoE MPC Member Tenreyro Speech   
4 March, Thursday
00:30BRLForeign Exchange Flows$4.358 B$3.255 B$3.847 B
00:30EURBbk Executive Board Member Balz Speech   
02:00USDFed Beige Book   
02:30EURECB Executive Board Member Schnabel Speech   
04:00KRWForeign Exchange Reserves$447.56 B$440.06 B$442.73 B
06:00KRWGDP q/q1.2%1.1%1.1%
06:00KRWGDP y/y-1.2%-1.4%-1.4%
06:00KRWCPI m/m0.5%0.4%0.8%
06:00KRWCPI y/y1.1%0.9%0.6%
06:50JPYForeign Bond Investment¥-1719.0 B ¥-1888.7 B
06:50JPYForeign Investment in Japan Stocks¥-454.6 B ¥93.5 B
07:30AUDExports m/m6.2% 3.3%
07:30AUDImports m/m-2.3% -0.8%
07:30AUDTrade Balance$10.142 B$6.046 B$7.133 B
07:30AUDRetail Sales m/m0.5%0.6%0.6%
10:35JPY30-Year JGB Auction0.691% 0.662%
12:00JPYConsumer Confidence Index33.830.629.6
15:30EURMarkit Construction PMI  39.5
15:30EURMarkit Construction PMI  46.6
15:30EURMarkit Construction PMI  48.7
15:30EURMarkit Construction PMI  44.1
16:00GBPNew Car Registrations m/m  -32.0%
16:00GBPNew Car Registrations y/y  -39.5%
16:00ALLOPEC Meeting   
16:30GBPMarkit/CIPS Construction PMI 45.149.2
16:40 (tent.)EUR5-Year Bonos Auction  -0.360%
16:40 (tent.)EUR10-Year Obligacion Auction  0.271%
16:40 (tent.)EUR15-Year Obligacion Auction  0.366%
16:50 (tent.)EUR10-Year OAT Auction  -0.250%
17:00EURRetail Sales m/m 0.0%2.0%
17:00EURRetail Sales y/y 0.0%0.6%
17:00EURUnemployment Rate 8.2%8.3%
17:30 (tent.)GBP10-Year Treasury Gilt Auction  0.441%
19:30USDChallenger Job Cuts  79.552 K
19:30USDChallenger Job Cuts y/y 169.6%17.4%
20:30CADLabor Productivity q/q -9.2%-10.3%
20:30USDNonfarm Productivity q/q -4.8%-4.8%
20:30USDUnit Labor Costs q/q 6.8%6.8%
20:30USDInitial Jobless Claims 797 K730 K
20:30USDContinuing Jobless Claims 4.462 M4.419 M
20:30USDInitial Jobless Claims 4-Week Average 822.207 K807.750 K
22:00USDFactory Orders m/m 0.6%1.1%
22:00USDFactory Orders excl. Transportation m/m -0.1%1.4%
22:00USDNondefense Capital Goods Shipments excl. Aircraft m/m 2.1%2.1%
22:30USDEIA Natural Gas Storage Change -262 B-338 B
23:30USD4-Week Bill Auction  0.035%
23:30USD8-Week Bill Auction  0.040%
5 March, Friday
00:05USDFed Chair Powell Speech   
04:30AUDAIG Services Index  54.3
06:50JPYInternational Reserves  $1392.1 B
12:00SGDRetail Sales m/m 1.9%-0.9%
12:00SGDRetail Sales y/y -2.7%-3.6%
13:00ZARGross International Reserves $55.022 B$54.801 B
13:00ZARNet International Reserves $52.554 B$51.988 B
14:00EURFactory Orders m/m -0.1%-1.9%
14:00EURFactory Orders y/y 6.4%6.4%
14:45EURCurrent Account €-1.3 B€-1.2 B
14:45EURExports  €39.254 B
14:45EURImports  €42.646 B
14:45EURTrade Balance €-5.641 B€-3.392 B
15:00CHFForeign Currency Reserves  ₣896.149 B
15:30HKDForeign Exchange Reserves $505.0 B$493.5 B
15:30SEKCurrent Account Kr66.7 BKr67.4 B
15:30GBPHalifax HPI m/m 0.6%-0.3%
15:30GBPHalifax HPI y/y 3.8%5.4%
16:00EURRetail Sales m/m 0.7%2.5%
16:00EURRetail Sales y/y -4.3%-3.1%
18:30 (tent.)INRForeign Exchange Reserves $582.734 B$583.865 B
18:30EURConsumer Confidence 58.355.7
19:00BRLIndustrial Production m/m 0.5%0.9%
19:00BRLIndustrial Production y/y 5.6%8.2%
19:00MXNGross Fixed Investments m/m 1.8%2.3%
19:00MXNGross Fixed Investments n.s.a. y/y -13.7%-12.1%
20:00 (tent.)BRLANFAVEA Auto Production m/m 91.4%-4.6%
20:00 (tent.)BRLANFAVEA Auto Sales m/m 6.1%-29.8%
20:30CADImports  $48.983 B
20:30CADExports  $47.318 B
20:30CADTrade Balance $-1.905 B$-1.665 B
20:30USDTrade Balance $-67.466 B$-66.613 B
20:30USDExports  $189.959 B
20:30USDImports  $256.572 B
20:30USDUnemployment Rate 6.5%6.3%
20:30USDNonfarm Payrolls -137 K49 K
20:30USDParticipation Rate 61.4%61.4%
20:30USDAverage Hourly Earnings m/m 0.4%0.2%
20:30USDAverage Hourly Earnings y/y 5.3%5.4%
20:30USDAverage Weekly Hours 34.935.0
20:30USDGovernment Payrolls 116 K43 K
20:30USDPrivate Nonfarm Payrolls 118 K6 K
20:30USDU6 Unemployment Rate 11.4%11.1%
20:30USDManufacturing Payrolls -33 K-10 K
21:00GBPBoE MPC Member Haskel Speech   
22:00CADIvey PMI 32.448.4
22:00CADIvey PMI n.s.a.  55.7
6 March, Saturday
01:00USDBaker Hughes US Oil Rig Count  309
01:00USDBaker Hughes US Total Rig Count  402
03:00USDFed Consumer Credit m/m $-0.13 B$9.73 B
03:30AUDCFTC AUD Non-Commercial Net Positions  -1.6 K
03:30BRLCFTC BRL Non-Commercial Net Positions  -15.9 K
03:30CADCFTC CAD Non-Commercial Net Positions  9.1 K
03:30JPYCFTC JPY Non-Commercial Net Positions  28.6 K
03:30MXNCFTC MXN Non-Commercial Net Positions  3.0 K
03:30NZDCFTC NZD Non-Commercial Net Positions  14.6 K
03:30ZARCFTC ZAR Non-Commercial Net Positions  5.8 K
03:30CHFCFTC CHF Non-Commercial Net Positions  11.5 K
03:30GBPCFTC GBP Non-Commercial Net Positions  31.0 K
03:30USDCFTC Copper Non-Commercial Net Positions  75.4 K
03:30USDCFTC Silver Non-Commercial Net Positions  47.6 K
03:30USDCFTC Gold Non-Commercial Net Positions  215.7 K
03:30USDCFTC Crude Oil Non-Commercial Net Positions  511.8 K
03:30USDCFTC S&P 500 Non-Commercial Net Positions  -31.3 K
03:30USDCFTC Aluminium Non-Commercial Net Positions  4.7 K
03:30USDCFTC Corn Non-Commercial Net Positions  529.8 K
03:30USDCFTC Natural Gas Non-Commercial Net Positions  28.1 K
03:30USDCFTC Soybeans Non-Commercial Net Positions  239.8 K
03:30USDCFTC Wheat Non-Commercial Net Positions  27.4 K
03:30USDCFTC Nasdaq 100 Non-Commercial Net Positions  -5.4 K
03:30EURCFTC EUR Non-Commercial Net Positions  138.4 K
7 March, Sunday
9:00 (tent.)CNYTrade Balance USD $53.37 B$78.17 B
9:00 (tent.)CNYImports USD y/y 5.5%6.5%
9:00 (tent.)CNYExports USD y/y 10.3%18.1%
9:00 (tent.)CNYTrade Balance ¥369.73 B¥516.81 B
9:00 (tent.)CNYImports y/y -2.0%-0.2%
9:00 (tent.)CNYExports y/y 11.2%10.9%
13:00 (tent.)CNYForeign Exchange Reserves $3.242 T$3.211 T